Flooding closes several Oakville waterfront parks this holiday weekend

Oakville Beaver by Graham Paine

Flooding has closed several Oakville waterfront parks this holiday weekend, including the popular Coronation Park and Bronte Fisherman’s Wharf.

Most of Coronation Park is submerged under several inches of water including the volleyball courts and almost all of the picnic areas.

Along the Lake Ontario shoreline, a portion of the running/walking trail that runs through the park has been washed away, with most of the beach area now reclaimed by the high water level.

Constant wave action has washed up piles of debris and garbage along the shoreline, including a 10-foot wooden staircase.

Although not flooded, the children’s playground and water park are also off limits with caution tape surrounding the attractions as the pathways leading to them are flooded.

Town of Oakville staff is in the park this long weekend using heavy equipment to try to shore up sections of the trail and beach area that continue to be battered and eroded by the high water and its wave action.

At Bronte Fisherman’s Wharf, a portion of the waterfront walkway is partially submerged with waves cresting over its top. Channel markers leading into Bronte Harbour are also partially submerged, at times barely visible due to the waves.

Over further to the east at the Bronte Outer Harbour, the water woes are much the same, as high water levels have totally submerged the sandy beach at its eastern end, replaced by Lake Ontario waves piling up more lake debris.

Local conservation authorities advise the water level in the lake is expected to continue to rise over the next several weeks, with it not receding until at least July.

Due to the ongoing flooding at Coronation Park, the Town of Oakville has moved its annual Children’s Festival set for early July to Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC).