12 Tips to Keep Our Lake Clean

Lake Ontario
  1. Don’t litter and pick them up.
  2. Avoid using lawn fertilizers and pesticides and use organic gardening techniques.
  3. Plant trees and ground cover to keep soil away from washing.
  4. Use a rain barrel to catch water from your roof. Consider using permeable pavement or have as little pavement as possible.
  5. Use Septic tank in good shape.
  6. Storm sewers run directly to rivers and lakes, never dump waste into storm drain.
  7. To wash your car use phosphate-free soap or use a commercial car wash
  8. Collect your pet’s waste.
  9. Use less road salt during the winter
  10. Maintain your boat engine regularly to reduce releases oil and gas into water.
  11. Go slow in your boat, big waves cause shoreline erosion.
  12. Lake is not a bathtub. Soaps and shampoos are harmful to the lake and organisms living in it.